Microsoft Power Automate Trends and Predictions 2024

Process Automation with Power Automate


Welcome to our blog where we delve into the cutting-edge realm of process automation using Microsoft 365 tools. With over 5 years of experience in empowering companies to adopt enhanced work systems and processes, primarily through the latest Microsoft tools and best practices—especially with Power Automate, AT Technical is at the forefront of business process automation. Join us as we explore the imminent trends in process automation, homing in on the potential advancements with Microsoft Power Automate.


Our First Prediction, expect significant advancements in Power Automate harnessing the power of AI and machine learning. These developments will usher in predictive workflows, enabling smarter decision-making and more sophisticated data analysis within automated processes. This evolution is poised to become increasingly prominent and transformative in automation practices.

Leveraging Power Automate to effortlessly send data directly to AI models such as Chat GPT through built-in connectors or personalised API requests using the HTTP connector creates an exciting opportunity for broad application in real-world situations. Despite the prevalent use of generative AI in content creation, email communication, and rapid responses. Can you imagine the transformative potential of obtaining answers without the need for explicit inquiries?

The integration of Power Automate with generative AI showcases its immense potential. Recently, we encountered a compelling use case where data input via an online form is amalgamated by Power Automate into variables. This combined data is automatically relayed to Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo through an API. Employing clever prompts, the system processes information, extracting overarching topics from numerous form responses. Subsequently, this distilled information seamlessly integrates into a report using the Word Connector, all orchestrated within Power Automate. This entire process streamlines data amalgamation, analysis, and reporting without the need for manual inspection of individual form responses or direct interaction with the form itself.


What is new in power automate for 2024
Process automation with AI and Power Automate

Second Prediction Evolution of Low-Code/No-Code AI assistant, the growing trend toward empowering non-technical users to create sophisticated workflows to continue. More interactions with co-pilot to automatically build workflows and apps from natural language from users asking questions Co-Pilot gives answers and builds the solution for you we feel this will be built upon,
More pre-built templates to include many of the new connectors, Power Platform recently hit a milestone of 1000 certified connectors for use across the suite providing greater opportunities for integration between systems.
The introduction of Co-Pilot within Power Automate/Power Apps stands out as a pivotal transformation anticipated in the Power Platform for 2024. Microsoft’s strategic focus on gathering user feedback following the initial release in late 2023 signals a commitment to iterative development and enhancement.
These subsequent iterations are poised to harness machine learning capabilities, fostering a deeper understanding of user needs and preferences. This iterative process aims to refine Co-Pilot’s functionalities, augmenting its capacity to intuitively assist users in creating workflows and applications.

Last Prediction for Power Automation in 2024 is the integration with Emerging Technologies, as newer technologies emerge, Power Automate will very possibly integrate with them, in the form of connectors, we see more and more connectors being added all the time. This could include tighter integration with IoT devices, blockchain, or augmented reality tools, expanding automation capabilities into diverse domains.
New Power Platform connectors for Internet of Things devices could become a game changer, and enable more intuitive workplaces or home environments, this could bridge the gap between physical automation and digital automation.

Workplace Automation with Power Automate


Be prepared for a year of spearheading innovation and efficiency in 2024, our predictions are not only AI related but also covers device level integration, we also envisage much more companies adopting RPA level automation with Power Automate Desktop to move away from legacy desktop applications to a cloud first approach across the board, but only time will tell…..


Predictions are speculative and based on the general trajectory of automation and technology trends in the coming months/year. Power Automate will change over the year with Microsoft’s roadmap and the evolution of technology in the intervening period.


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