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What does it cost to digitise a process?

AT Technical will analyse the process and decided upon the best approach then discuss the options with you before providing a more formal quotation, for many business processes were the organisation already use Microsoft 365 the setup and Deployment of a new Form and Power Automate flow can often be less than one day.

How can I learn to digitise processes myself using Power Automate?

We would reccomend firstly trying out a few of the Microsoft built in templates to gain a better understanding of how a Power Automate flow is constructed.

Next step make some Forms and link them up to your SharePoint lists or Excel Tables to automate the completion of the loop. 

If you are feeling ready for the next step it might be worth testing your knowledge of Power Automate and the Power Platform by completing the PL900 Exam which is the entry level exam to Microsoft power platform.

Can my Team be trained on how to Digitise Processes?

We offer remote or onsite training services to many public and private sector organisations on SharePoint, Power Automate, Planner, Forms and Bookings some of the more familiar tools to us which many organisations currently don’t get the full benefit from, to book training time with AT Technical digitisation experts please complete this form and we will be in contact with you.

What happens if my Power Automate flow breaks

Power Automate flows are set based on a trigger and can often be complex once the trigger action is met, but more than likely if the flow is not running you can do some basic diagnostics by going to the flow and checking the previous runs and see what error has been flagged, if something has recently changed in terms of the data source or template files it might be worth reverting such changes or correcting the change by editing the flow and remapping the dynamic content fields into the new fields.

We train on Power Automate, during the training we cover error handling and how diagnose and fix errors in flows, if you are unable to fix the flow contact us and we can certainly take a look at the flow and tell you what is going wrong with it. 

Our Spreadsheet in Teams is causing the dates to follow American formatting

Dates in Microsoft Teams are showing in American Date Format?

To fix this on the document itself open inside Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Excel go to ‘File’ then ‘Options’. Next click the ‘Regional Format Settings’ button and set it to the correct region this will fix the date format issue.

This often happens due to the default regional language on SharePoint/Teams sites being set to US format.

The Office 365 Admin Can also change the setting in the SharePoint Admin Centre and within the admin settings of the SharePoint Site under the Regionale settings. Although that only fixes the problem for any newly created files.

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