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Our experts specialise in working closely with clients, to build business friendly websites that can be managed in house and offer all the functionality that you desire!


to a new online presence

Day 1


We begin by actively listening to your needs, goals, and vision for the website. Understanding your requirements and target audience helps us tailor the design and functionality accordingly.

Day 2/3


Our experienced design team creates wireframes and mockups to visualise the structure, layout, and overall user experience of the website. We focus on creating an intuitive and visually appealing design that aligns with your brand identity.

Day 4/5/6


Using the design as a foundation, we develop interactive prototypes that simulate the website’s core design and functionality. This allows you to navigate through the user interface and test various features.

Day 7

Listen(some more)

We value your feedback and input. After reviewing the prototype, we listen attentively to your thoughts and suggestions. This feedback helps us refine the design and developments to address any concerns or modifications you may have.

Day 8/9


Based on the feedback received, we revise the design and make necessary adjustments. This iterative process ensures that the website aligns closely with your expectations and goals.

Day 10/11

Prototype (Some more)

We create an updated prototype incorporating the revisions. This enables you to visualise the changes and ensures that we are moving in the right direction.

Day 12


Once the design and functionality meet your satisfaction, we move on to the deployment phase. Our skilled development team deploys the website to your desired hosting provider.

Day 13/14


Review the SEO and ensure that the site conforms to all the latest Search Engine Optimisation best practises and share with you reports to demonstrate how well the website is rating. 

Training on how to manage the website, adding new pages or blogs, updating content updating plugins and the main content management system, and 

Configure analytics so that the website traffic can be activily monitored. 

Support any changes for 2 months following the sign off of the website as an added safety net ensuring a smooth transition.

AT Technical Fast Host Partner

Once your site has been set up, we will give you all the training and information you need. To complete content updates, image changes and any other training you may wish for. Got questions? contact us below or have a read through the most popular asked questions.

 Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, providing regular updates on progress and seeking your input at key milestones. Our collaborative approach ensures that you are involved in the decision-making process and that the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Your Web Development Questions Answered

Can you share any success stories or client testimonials?

You can read some of what our clients say about us on Trust Pilot

If you would like we can schedule in a Teams call and demonstrate some of our more recent work and answer any of your questions directly, just fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

What is the lead time and delivery time for new websites?

Once we have met and discussed the design and functional requirements we will prepare a proposal then once this is signed off we can commence work usually a within a week

What are the yearly costs following the website development?

Yearly costs will include, costs of custom plugins if any, costs of the domain/host name and the cost of hosting. To give an example .com or domain names typically cost between £10.00 and £20.00 per year. 

Hosting depends on the type of website and requirements:

Shared hosting environment will cost between £80.00 - £120.00 per year. 

Dedicated Hosting will cost between £800.00 - £1500.00 onwards per year (the variation in cost is due to things such as RAM, HDD, CPU and network bandwidth)

For a standard Word Press website without E commerce functionality you would expect to pay about £110.00 per year for both Hosting and Domain name. 

How easy will it be for us to update and manage content on the website?

It will be very easy to update your own site, we cover trianing on all projects and we also will build a custom handover document which will give step by step guidance on how to do common activities on the website. 

We only build websites using WordPress CMS which is the most popular website content management system in the world. 

What level of support and maintenance do you provide after the website launch?

Following the website launch/Sign off we will continue to support for 2 months, as part of the development process, then towards the end of the 2 months built in support we will send across a contract proposal for you to review and advise if you want us to continue to support or happy to support locally with in house IT Teams or on your own.  

Are there any service-level agreements (SLAs) for support response times?

Yes. Once the website goes live and the 2 months built in support lapses a contract will be shared, this will include a SLA depending upon the needs of the support arangement this would range from 1 hour turn around time to 24 hour turnaround time on tickets logged. 

Will the website be optimized for search engines (SEO)?

Yes. We will run SEO checks on your site once it goes live, and make required changes based on the SEO report, if we are adding improvements to an existing website we will run benchmark SEO checks before and after.

During the development we will ensure all SEO best practises are followed such as: Keywords in title tags and within the page content, Alt tags on all images, website load speed, image size, secure coding guidlines and many more.

We consistently keep upto date with the ever changing SEO techniques.

What are the payment terms and milestones?

Once we send a proposal and this is approved we require a 10% deposit as a commitment to the project the remainder of the project cost is invoiced once the website is signed off as complete. 

Will the website be mobile-responsive and compatible with various devices?

The website will automatically work across devices and different browsers, we conduct various different tests on the website before handing the website over and many of these test across different devices, screen sizes and browsers. 

Can you assist with content creation, SEO optimization, or digital marketing?

Yes, we work closely with your team/s to gather resources but if needed we can also prepare graphics and use a content writer to prepare custom copy content to grab the readers attention on your website.

The website will conform to all main SEO guidlines. 

In terms of digital marketing this would be a seperate discussion and proposal to assist on this part but we would happily discuss this with you.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs that we should be aware of?

Costs include:

One off Development costs

Hosting: cost to publicly host the website 

Domain host Name: cost of the .org .com sort of domain name billed yearly 

Plugin Ins: WordPress has many custom plugins some are free some are paid if we use custom plugins to continue recieving updates for such plugin you may need to pay a yearly subscription which can range from £10.00-£200.00 per year. This is only if such plugins are used and if we were to use paid plugins this would be clearly communicated within the project proposal document. 

There is no hidden costs as such any costs will be clearly communicated in the proposal. If you need support with the website this will be a seperate contract which we would discuss with you following the website development and go live. 

More details about the process

Analysis & Functional Requirements
  • Analyse current online presence (Website, Google status, Social status, SEO, Analytics information)
  • Kick off meeting at Customer HQ – requirements analysis – discussion of details unveiled from initial analysis of customer’s online presence.
  • List all business requirements for new Website
  • Decide upon based approach, SharePoint for internal websites or WordPress for external websites
  • Website Build and requirements sign off
  • Prove any functional concepts derived from requirements in prototype system
  • To keep costs to a minimum we prototype all solutions early, this enables us to combat any unwanted surprises.
  • Collation of materials (Graphics, Logo, Content, Social Presence data)
  • Admin Access to any existing web content or hosting management logins etc
  • Testing
  • Sign off of prototype
Go Live
  • Set up hosting
  • Configure Website CMS
  • Transfer all prototyped work to host
  • SEO and Social Media Optimization
  • Set up Google Analytics and Webmaster profiles
  • Run benchmarking SEO reports
  • Improvements derived from benchmark results
  • Set up social media integration
  • Updated Facebook content
  • Update Google Places listing
  • Internal Testing
  • Sign off Website/Social Profiles
  • Creation of bespoke user manual
  • Any associated user accounts or passwords from the website setup
  • Package up; Latest SEO report, manual, 1st analytics report
  • Send full package over to customer alongside official sign off
  • Onsite training 4-hour standard (up to 6 people per session)