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Project Summary

Proactive engagement with multiple teams to ensure successful website development.

Future-ready device and migration to Office 365 deployed within challenging timeline.

Sensitive and creative response to the development of a new web presence for a historical foundation acknowledging a philanthropic legacy active in the 21st century.

Technology Used
Microsoft Forms, Power Automate, SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, and WordPress CMS.


Located in Hemsworth, Pontefract, Archbishop Holgate Hospital is a non-profit charity which has served the community for over 450 years, providing Almshouse accommodation and more recently educational funding.

The Estate spans over 13 acres. The hospital is responsible for providing housing for local residents in designated parishes over the age of 60.

On an organisational level the Archbishop Holgate Hospital has a small core team of 4 members of staff and several volunteers, plus 12 Trustees on the Board. The Staff team of the Master (an ordained priest of the Church of England), Clerk to the Trustees, Matron, Porter, and Board of Trustees are collectively responsible for the residents and the 24 Alms-houses, a chapel, community hall, ancillary buildings and agricultural holdings in North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


    Archbishop Holgate Hospital had very little reliance on technology, they required an excellent website to showcase the site with its extensive history which due to the amount of data required a unique solution, the transition to online came with the challenge of structuring the content to make the key information easily discoverable. Further challenges included:

        • No organisation wide email, people using personal email and personal devices for collaboration and communication.
        • Public perception of what the hospital does lacked clarity, knowledge and understanding.
        • Many textbook based process, difficult and timely to collate audit information or resident information when required.
        • Lack of data sharing between employees.
        • Replace or upgrade unsupported Windows 7 device
        • No readily accessible centralised information repository.
        • Security of the information was paramount.
        • No technical support.
        • Lots of information in national archives, and libraries, but not much information online about the organisation, history, or the great work that it does


    After establishing the challenges with the client, a few key themes were established, to better craft a digital solution we needed to hear from the team members to understand pain points, any activities that take a lot of time and is most challenging, following a focus group meeting with the key stakeholders, three key areas were identified to improve.
    AT Technical excels at providing complete and strategic technical solutions, which integrate seamlessly across the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools. Our team of professionals have years of experience transforming paper-based process, we promptly aligned many of the challenges to productivity tools, and created bespoke workflows using Forms, Power Automate, and SharePoint to create near autonomous solutions to eliminate problematic paper-based processes.


    Productivity, Security and Collaboration

    Enhanced Email Security:

    We implemented advanced email security measures, including DKIM, DMARC, and SPF protocols, to safeguard against spoofing and other email-related security threats, ensuring secure communication channels.

    Collaboration Enablement:

    Leveraging Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and shared calendars, we facilitated seamless collaboration among team members, breaking down silos and enhancing communication flow. We set up shared mailboxes and configured communication channels, enabling efficient handling of client inquiries, internal communication, and project coordination.

    Data Collection, Processing & Storage 

    Resident Check-In Process Enhancement:

    Implemented a digital system for daily resident check-ins utilising Microsoft Forms, SharePoint, and Power Automate. The matron now conducts resident check-ins twice daily, documenting each visit directly within the Form, replacing the previous paper notebook method. The system automatically triggers actions based on the form inputs, such as:


      • Identifying and reporting maintenance issues within the cottages and ancillary buildings, which are then promptly notified to the maintenance employee and added to the maintenance work tracker list in SharePoint if necessary.
        Flagging any perceived additional support needs for residents to the rest of the support team via email.
      • Each visit generates a new entry in the list, serving as a database that is auditable, date and time stamped, and tracks the welfare of the resident along with property maintenance. This streamlined process ensures efficient management of resident welfare and property upkeep.

    Residents on boarding process:

    New digital process for managing resident information, this ensures that each resident follows the same onboarding protocols and procedures, that the hospital holds a consistent record about the residents, the data can be updated as and when required.

    The process commences with the submission of an online digital form, data is processed and stored using Power Automate & SharePoint, all secured in the Microsoft 365 tenancy, the local team manually review to assess the suitability of the alms-house for the potential resident. Upon reaching a decision, the client is promptly notified, and the database is updated accordingly.

    This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and accuracy in resident management while reducing reliance on paper records.

    Online Presence  

    The website is built on the most popular website content management framework (WordPress) the website has been split up into 3 different sections for better organisation of different content, each section has its own menu. The website has several key functions to inform about life within the community, to educate about history of the organisation, blog & share news, and publicise events as required.

    We had frequent meetings and discussions with the client at least one per week throughout the project, to align with the project milestones, to review work produced and gain valuable feedback. This gave us the opportunity to shape the website based entirely around the needs of the organisation.

    At the end of the development, we provided a comprehensive handover document, which gives the website owners full guidance on how to adjust and add new content. Training sessions were provided to enable website owners to feel confident in making changes and adding content to their website at the end of our development process.
    We measure the websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and performance using different tools. This provides insights into how the site is being used, highlights any usability or search performance issues, utilising these tools allows us to make changes that improve the overall ranking on search engines and page load time.

    Proven Results

    By working with AT Technical our client embraced Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools and digitising paper-based solutions, experiencing transformative outcomes:

      • Automation of tasks and streamlined communication channels resulted in significant time savings and enhanced operational efficiency.
      • Improved Collaboration: Team members can collaborate seamlessly, irrespective of geographical locations. Data no longer remains confined to storage cabinets, where it is difficult to locate and often duplicated. Adopting the new shared documents repository approach will result in enhanced clarity for management and the board, facilitating effective working practice, faster decision-making and ultimately leading to improved resident outcomes and staff well-being.
      • Scalability and Flexibility: The digital infrastructure implemented laid the foundation for future scalability of digital services, allowing the client to adapt to changing business needs and technological advancements with ease.

    The Archbishop Holgate Hospital website launched March 2024

    • A+ security rating
    • Over 35 unique pages
    • responsive across multiple devices, browser types
    • 4 custom menu


    Search Engine Optimisation


    Website Best Practice


    Accessibility Score

    Security Score Rating


    A very helpful and efficient service from start to finish!
Terry with Nathan were a gift of a team and helped us decide upon the look, feel and overall appearance of our website. Initially recommended by a mutual colleague we were inspired to consult them and explore how their technology services could aid us with the challenges we faced on website build and migration of IT systems.

    They were proactive in enabling us to translate our historic foundation into a 21st Century online presence. The bespoke response through the journey of understanding of what we wanted the site to achieve was excellent alongside the smooth transition from outdated systems to embraced Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools.

    They have guided us through a ‘personalised’ differentiated support and training programme as part of the migration process. This was delivered by Terry at a pace which has empowered our team to navigate the new protocols and systems with confidence.

    The professional advice, response time and service has been outstanding, and we are delighted with the new website and systems. Thank you so much!”

    Helen Sage

    Archivist & Key Website Contact, Archbishop Holgate Hospital

    Archbishop Chapel

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