About AT Technical

“Providing UK businesses with Value for Money IT solutions to enable them to use the best technology to achieve greater business results.”

About AT Technical

We are AT Technical; a small family-run business based in the North West of England we are keen to provide our professional services to support other businesses, we have worked with numerous over the years including clients in the NHS.

Over 14 years’ experience the AT Technical team are in tune with the latest trends in technology, with the latest developments on low code no code solutions creating compelling mobile apps to reduce paper and in-effective processes in the workplace, we pioneer bespoke apps to solve problems using Software As A Service (SAAS) technology such as App Sheets, Office 365 Suite and many more.

Our very industry relies on keeping up-to-date with ever-evolving technology, we also understand that in a world of self-service checkouts and automated services, there can be a real lack of the personal touch. We like to think we bridge the gap between the two!

Not only do we offer services remotely, but our SLA’s can also provide onsite support to deal with your technical issues; meaning someone there to fix your issues and talk you through them; face-to-face.

If you would like reliable IT solutions that provide security, manageability and a friendly northern voice, then we may just be the company for you.

Specialised in:

  • Power Automation
  • Website Development
  • Consultation
  • App Development
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam

      • SEO
      • Digitisation – Paper based form to electronic forms
      • Office 365 Suite
      • Technical Consultation
      • Computer Security
      • Sharepoint Online